Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ok people I am going to pick a animal for every week. Now to get started with my blog!!!!
The animal for this week 6-21-12 will be the Wild dogs. These animals are very protective over there pack. They are usually called wild dogs because of the way they live and where they live, which is in Africa. The colors of these magnificent animals are black,whitespots, and a brown coat of fur. When the hunters of the pack leave and the alpha female is pregnant they must bring food to her because she will be to weak to move. The rest of the pack digs a den for the pups, also so she can nurse them and keep them safe. They usually twist there tails up but some times they keep them strait. When the pups are six months old the adults teach them how to hunt and chase a competitor. When they meet for water, the adults don't let them stay for long cause there are enemies lurking in the water such as the crocodile and lion. Lions kill more wild dogs than any other animal!!!!! 

 They are cute!!!:3

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